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Mentoring is the "Core" of the Nursing Profession

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What is the theory behind Nurse Mentor Consultant Services, Inc.

What is the theory behind Nurse Mentor Consultant Services, Inc.?

The premise for our model is based on scholarly nursing and mentoring theories, including Patricia Benner's Theory Expertise Novice Model. Nursing research and evidence-based practice have proven that mentoring is a successful way for one to gain professional growth as a novice nurse transitions to a nurse expert.  Our mentor consultants are Masters and Doctorate-prepared professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas such as; nursing education, nursing administration, clinical management, bedside nursing, travel nursing, and much more. 


*CARG is demonstrated throughout the mentoring service as caring, aspiring, resourceful, and guidance for each mentee. Nurse Mentors are committed to providing a dynamic and innovative learning platform that raises the bar and sets standards for excellence in the nursing profession while providing mentoring and consulting services.